How To Say Open The Door In Spanish

How To Say Open The Door In Spanish

How to say Open the door in Spanish? Here’s a handy guide to help you out!

How To Say (Open the door) In Spanish

Opening the door to a new language

In Spanish, to say “open the door,” one would say “abrir la puerta.”

Why learning Spanish is beneficial

If you want to open a door, in Spanish you would say “Abrir la puerta.” The verb “abrir” means “to open.” The preposition “por” means “through.” The noun “la puerta” means “the door.”

How to start learning Spanish

In Spanish, “open the door” is “abierta la puerta.” Here’s how to say it:

“Por favor abre la puerta.” (Please open the door.)

Tips for mastering Spanish

How to say “Open the door” in Spanish:

Tenemos que abrir la puerta.

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Common Spanish phrases for everyday life

Yo abro la puerta.

“I open the door.”

Resources for learning Spanish

If you’re looking for resources for learning Spanish, there are many great options available. One option is to take a Spanish course online. Alternatively, you could try a Spanish course offered in your local community. There are also many Spanish books and audio courses available.


When you want to say “open the door,” you can use the Spanish word “abierto.”

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