How To Reset Lockstate Door Lock

How To Reset Lockstate Door Lock

Resetting your door lock can help you get back in if you have forgotten your key, or if the door has been left unlocked.

LockState LS-DB500 Electronic Deadbolt Lock

How to Reset the Lockstate Door Lock

If you have a Lockstate door lock and are experiencing issues with it, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. First, make sure that the door is properly closed and locked. Then, use the reset button to try and fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, you can try the reset key.

Step One: Locate the Reset Button

There is usually a reset button on the exterior of the door lock. If not, consult the user manual for the specific door lock. Once you have located the reset button, press and hold it for about five seconds.

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Step Two Remove the Lock

To reset the lock, you will need to remove it from the door. There are a few ways to do this:

If the lock is integrated into the door, then you will need to remove the door hinges and door panel. Some locks also use screws to secure the lock to the door. If the lock is not integrated into the door, you will need to remove the screws on the door frame and remove the door.

Step Three Reinstall the Lock

After you have removed the lock, you will need to replace it. Be sure to reattach the screws on the door frame and hinges, and insert the lock into the door.

Step Four Test the Lock

Once the lock has been reassembled, test it by turning the knob. If the door opens and closes correctly, then the lock has been reset.

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Step Two: Press and Hold the Reset Button

Step Three Pull the Lockhandle and Release the Reset Button


Press and hold the Reset button.


Pull the lock handle and release the Reset button.

Step Three: Release the Reset Button

Resetting a door lock usually requires releasing the reset button or turning the key in the lock.

Some door locks have a small hole in the door near the reset button. Others have a recessed reset button.

To reset a door lock:

1. Look for the reset button or hole near the door.

2. Use a key to release the reset button.

3. Turn the key in the lock to the “lock” position.

Step Four: Test the Lock

After completing the previous three steps, the final step is to test the lock. Make sure the door is closed, and then press and hold the lock release for the handle, or use a key to turn the knob. The lock should release, and the handle should return to its original position. If the lock does not release, the mechanism inside the lock is probably broken, and you will need to replace the lock.

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Common Issues with Resetting the Lockstate Door Lock

When people try to reset the Lockstate Door Lock, they may experience one or more of the following common issues:

The Lockstate Door Lock will not reset.

The Lockstate Door Lock will reset, but the door will not open.

The Lockstate Door Lock will reset, but the door will not stay open.


Resetting a door lock can be a quick and easy way to get your door back in working order.

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