How To Replace A Commercial Door Lock

How To Replace A Commercial Door Lock

Commercial doors are often very important in business because they are often the first thing people see when they walk into a building. This is why it is important to make sure that the commercial door lock is in good condition and can be replaced if it needs to be.


How to Remove an Old Lock

If you’re looking to replace your old commercial door lock, there are a few things you’ll need to do first.

1. Check to see if the lock can be opened from the exterior. If it can, you’ll need to replace the lock. If the lock can’t be opened from the exterior, the next step is to try and open it from the inside.

2. If the lock can be opened from the inside, you’ll need to remove the screws that hold the doorframe together.

3. After the doorframe is separated, you can then remove the old lock.

4. If the old lock is metal, you’ll need to use a drill to remove the old screws. If the old lock is made of plastic, you can just unscrew it.

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5. Once the old lock is removed, you can install the new lock by screwing it into place and reattaching the doorframe.

What You’ll Need to Install the New Lock

In order to install the new commercial door lock, you will need the following:

1. The new commercial door lock.

2. A power drill.

3. A screwdriver.

4. A hacksaw.

5. A jigsaw.

6. A pry bar.

7. A screw.

8. An anchor.

9. A level.

10. Tape measure.

11. Hammer.

12. Nails.

13. Drill bit.

14. Wrench.

15.Lock pick.

16. Latch key.

17. Door handle.

1. Install a security camera to monitor the area.

2. Remove the old door lock.

3. Remove the door handle.

4. Remove the old door latch.

5. Remove the old door hinges.

6. Remove the old door trim.

7. Remove the old door security bar.

8. Remove the old door threshold.

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9. Remove the old door weather stripping.

10. If the door is a double door, remove the second door.

11. If the door is a gate, remove the gate.

12. Clean the door and the surrounding area.

13. Mark the door with a line using a level.

How to Install a New Lock

If you’re looking to replace your commercial door lock, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to decide what type of lock you need. There are two main types of commercial door locks: keypad locks and combination locks.

KEYPAD LOCKS: Keypad locks are usually the cheapest type of lock to install, and they’re also the simplest to use. All you need is a code to open the door. To install a keypad lock, you’ll need to remove the old lock, install the new lock, and then enter the code into the keypad.

COMBINATION LOCKS: A combination lock is a bit more complicated to use, but it’s also more secure. To open a combination lock, you’ll first need to figure out the code. Then, you’ll need to use a key to open the lock.

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Tips for Replacing a Commercial Door Lock

Replacing a commercial door lock is a relatively simple process that can be handled by a homeowner with a little bit of knowledge and some basic tools. Follow these simple steps to get your door locked and secure again:

1. Remove the screws that secure the door handle to the door.

2. Remove the knob from the door.

3. Disconnect the door latch from the door.

4. Remove the old lock from the door.

5. Install the new lock on the door.

6. Replace the knob on the door.

7. Connect the door latch to the door.

8. Replace the screws that secure the door handle to the door.


Commercial door locks are often a target for thieves, so it’s important to replace them when they start to malfunction. There are a few different types of door locks, so it can be hard to know which one to replace.

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