How To Clean Hoka Shoes

How To Clean Hoka Shoes

Cleaning Hoka shoes is an essential part of keeping them in good condition. Follow these simple steps to clean your Hoka shoes:

1. Remove any debris from the shoes with a brush.
2. Soak the shoes in a bucket or sink full of warm water and a mild soap.
3. Scrub the shoes with a soft brush.
4. Rinse the shoes with cool water.
5. Dry the shoes with a cloth or a hair dryer.

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How to clean the exterior of your Hoka shoes

First, you will need to remove the shoes from the shoe bag. Wipe down the whole shoe with a damp cloth or a piece of paper towel to remove any dirt or dust. If the shoe is dirty, you will need to use a shoe cleaning product.

Next, you will need to clean the seams. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the seams of the shoe. Make sure to get inside the seam and around the base of the shoe.

Next, you will need to clean the rubber. Use a cloth soaked in a mild soap and water to clean the rubber. Make sure to rinse the soap off the rubber and let the shoe dry completely.

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Finally, you will need to clean the leather. Use a damp cloth to clean the leather. Make sure to get inside the stitching and around the seams.

How to clean the interior of your Hoka shoes

When it comes to cleaning your Hoka shoes, it is important to first understand the materials that are used in their construction.

Hoka shoes are made out of a soft and durable synthetic material that is specifically designed to be lightweight and breathable.

To clean your Hoka shoes, you will first need to remove the insoles. Next, take a damp cloth and gently clean the areas around the toe and heel. Finally, use a mild detergent and water to clean the synthetic material.

How to remove stains from your Hoka shoes

To clean your Hoka shoes, you will need:

-Hoka shoes
-Bowl of water
-Soft cloth
– enzymatic cleaner
– White Vinegar

1. Remove your shoes from your feet and place them in the bowl of water. Soak your shoes for 10 minutes.

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2. Remove your shoes and place them on a soft cloth. Make sure they are completely dry before using the enzymatic cleaner.

3. In a small bowl, mix together white vinegar and water. Wet your cloth in the vinegar mixture and wring it out.

4. Sponge your shoes clean with the vinegar-soaked cloth. Make sure to work particularly hard on the worn areas on the shoes.

5. Let the shoes air dry.

How to remove dirt and debris from your Hoka shoes

As any runner or gym-goer knows, dirty sneakers can make running or working out a pain. While there are many ways to clean sneakers, one of the most effective is to use a shoe cleaning brush.

To clean your Hoka shoes, follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the shoes from the shoes.

  1. Wet the cleaning brush in water and wring it out.
  2. Wipe the shoe clean, starting at the top and working your way down.
  3. Make sure to scrub the areas where the dirt and debris collects.
  4. Wipe off the excess water and brush the shoes dry.
  5. Place the shoes back on the feet and enjoy your clean sneakers!

How to make your Hoka shoes look new again

  1. Remove any excess dirt, sweat or rain with a damp cloth. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, as this could damage the material.

    2. If the dirt, sweat or rain is particularly stubborn, try using a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Be sure to rinse the shoes thoroughly afterwards.

    3. If the shoes still show signs of dirt, sweat or rain, consider professional cleaning. A professional can clean the shoes with a specialised solution and remove any stains or build-up.


Cleaning Hoka shoes is a simple process that can be done at home. Follow these steps to get your shoes looking and smelling like new:

1. Remove all of the shoes’ materials, including laces, strings, and velcro.
2. Soak the shoes in warm water and a mild detergent solution for 10 minutes.
3. Rinse the shoes with cold water.
4. Dry the shoes with a clean cloth.

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